Whoa! Lately has been quite busy, it is midterm for classes now, some big projects are due on next week. Went to university's computer lab did homework yesterday, got a lot done. :D But it still need some fine-tune before hand in on Tuesday, maybe I can go to the lab again tomorrow. :P

Last night... My throat feels itchy and I started to cough. Didn't think much about it, thought it was because of dried air and too much unhealthy food. :o The coughing didn't end today, and now I got fever too... :C
Ate some porridge for dinner, cooked from anything I can find in the fridge. It's not too bad, at least I don't have to eat instant noodle when I'm sick, haha.
*Feelingl slightly happy, because my mom taught me how to cook soup and porridge while I was back there. :p I need to thank her. *

Okla, no mood to keep on babble or type in chinese. I shall go back to my bed to rest.